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Genco provides services to analyze the chemical and physical properties of waste samples taken from the customer's factories. Testing of both hazardous and non- hazardous wastes is necessary in order to identify which processes and operations the Industrial Waste Management Plant must undertake for safely and effectively neutralize wastes in order to protect the environment. The company's own laboratory is completely staffed and equipped, is lawfully registered with the Department of Industrial Works and meets all applicable industrial standards.

Analysis Process
1.Company will collect the waste samples from the customer (waste generator) to the company’s laboratory for analysis. As a result of the analysis samples which are determined to need further processing and price quotation will be informed the customer.
2.Upon receiving the waste from the customer, our laboratory will examine and analyze the waste in order to recheck the specification of received waste is same as the one that was specified earlier. If it off-specification, then immediately report back to the customer for further consideration of either continue the treatment as well as changing the price quotation or return it back to the customer.

Waste Management Procedures
1. Liquid Types. Depleted electroplating solution whether acid or alkaline will be treated in a particular treatment system dedicated for electroplating waste and liquid dyes would be treated in their own type of system.
2. Solid/Sludge Types. Hazardous waste would be rendered non-hazardous by a stabilization process before being sent to a Secured Landfill System. Non-hazardous waste which required no additional processing would also be sent to the same secured landfill site.



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