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(1)  The essence of matter of the proposed agenda

1.1   The matters which can be proposed as additional agenda:
-    The matters which are not against the law, announcements, rules and regulations of the government agencies or the supervising agency and must be in compliance with the objectives, articles  of the company, the resolution of the meeting, good corporate governance of the company.
-    The matters which are beneficial to the shareholders in general. The matters which are beneficial to the shareholders in general.

1.2   The matters which cannot be proposed as additional agenda:
-    The matters which are benefits to specific persons for group of persons.
-    The matters which are not under the control of the company.
-    The matters without complete information or not sufficient to make a consideration.
-    The original matter which has previously been proposed but the Board of Director’s
Meeting  found that such matter should not be made additional agenda.


(2)  The steps of consideration of the company

2.1   The shareholder who has complete qualifications as determined above by the company is eligible to make a proposal of additional agenda in advanced to the company by using the Form of Additional Agenda (Form A.) annexed hereto or may inform of the unofficial preliminary information by Fax to  0-2502-0999 or by E-mail a IR@genco.co.th before sending the original document to the Board of Directors at later date which the shareholder must send such document to the company within 31 January together with an enclosure of the following documents:-
-    Evidence of shareholding i.e. Certificate from Securities Company or other evidence from the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
-    Evidence of Identification i.e. Photocopy of Identification Card or Passport (for foreigners). For juristic person, must enclose Certificate of the Company Registration with photocopies of Identification Card or Passport of the authorized Directors who signed  in Form A. duly certified correct.
-    Different supporting documents in support of the consideration (if any).
-    In case of proposal of more than 1 agenda, 1 Form for 1 Agenda must be made.

2.2 The secretary of the company shall be the person who will screen both the qualifications of the proposing shareholder and the preliminary information first before making any proposal to the Board of Director’s Meeting further.

2.3   Once the proposed additional Agenda has obtained an approval from the Board of Directors, the company will make a proposal of such Agenda for an approval in the annual general meeting of shareholders further. Any proposed Agenda which has not been approved by the Board of Director’s meeting, the company will inform such shareholder in writing further.

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