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Corporate Governance Report
Major Shareholders
Company Policies
Significant Financial Data
Financial Statement
Annual Report
Form 56-1
Annual General Meeting
Company News
Contact Investor Relations
Part 1 Business Operation
  1. Policies and Overview of Business Operation
  2. Nature of Business
  3. Risk Factors
  4. Assets Used in Operation
  5. Legal Disputes
  6. General Information and Other Significant Data
Part 2 Management and Corporate Governance
  7. Stock Information and Shareholders
  8. Management Structure
  9. Corporate Governance
  10.Corporate Social Responsibility
  11.Internal Control and Risk Management
  12.Related Party Transactions
Part 3 Financial Position and Result of Operation
  13.Significant Financial Data
  14.Management Discussion and Analysis
  Information Certification
Enclosure 1 Information of the Directors, Management and Company Secretary
Enclosure 2 Information of the Directors of Subsidiary Companies
Enclosure 3 Information of Chief of Internal Auditor
Enclosure 4 Details of Asset Appraisal Price
Enclosure 5 Audit Committee Performance Report for the Year 2020
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