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For every step of the business operation growth in connection with the treatment and disposal of industrial waste from the industrial factories all over the country, GENCO is the only and the first company that has made a treatment of the industrial waste correctly to the international standard by using American Technology which is generally acceptable with the state sector by the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry, as the major shareholder in order to do the supervision and to create a confidence for the factories who use the services and for the general public.

Today GENCO has advanced toward 18th year. It was established in 1994 and in 1997, it registered the conversion into a Limited Public Company.

In providing the services at present, the main business of GENCO is the service provision in the treatment and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes from the industrial factories by methods of Secure Landfill, Stabilization, Fuel Blending and Wastewater Treatment.

And the company still provides the service of inspection and analysis of waste by collecting samples of wastes from the customer’s factories to be analyzed in the laboratory of the company which is modern and efficient to make the disposal of waste with high standard and maximum safety without impacts upon the environments both at present and in the future.

One more step which GENCO has given an importance is the safety aspect. That is for the transportation, the company will select the vehicles which are suitable for the transportation of each waste type. Before making a transportation each time, there must be a check of the condition, the emergency equipment of each vehicle that they are in good working condition. More importantly, all the drivers must receive a training and must be tested of their skills in different events which may occur before they are assigned to do the actual performance of their duty. Besides, they must have passed the test and must have obtained the Driving License for the Vehicles of Category 4 from the Department Land Transport.

Other than this, the company has proceeded with different activities which include the promotion and the conservation of the environments both directly and indirectly including the participation in different activities jointly with the communities such as

Training of the staffs to have knowledge and skills in the working and to have sub-consciousness and to realize the environment conservation.

Support of different projects in the reduction of the pollution from the business operation of the different factories and institutions which do a research work on the environment.

Promotion of the activities on the environment conservation and rehabilitation.

Provision of services on public benefits to the communities.

GENCO gives importance to the resolution of environmental problems, provides an assistance in making a campaign to mitigate the global worming and being the first company of Thailand in the treatment of industrial waste in a complete circuit manner under the International Standard ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TIS 18001, with waste disposal technology with maximum efficiency and being correct to the technical principle. Please conserve the nature and environment with GENCO because “We provide services with heart and we care about the environment”.

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