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Corporate Governance Report

Good Governance Principles
GENCO aims at fostering the good corporate governance by compliance with the governing laws and regulations including the “Code of Best Practices for Directors of Listed Companies” and “good corporate governance” provided by Stock Exchange of Thailand
Corporate Social Responsibility

Company has sustainable management and taking into account both environmental and social responsibility. The performance of the Company does not focus only on the success of the business but also taking into account on preserving the environment safety in the work and participate in overall social responsibility. The Company’s social responsibility policies are as follow:

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

General Environmental Conservation Public Company Limited or GENCO has the business policies with the social responsibility to realize and focus on the support of the activities for society and surrounding community as well as pay attention to the environment continuously with the purposes to cooperate with the concerned individual by creating and maintaining the good relationship as being caused from the acceptance and mutual trust, considering the affection against the individuals i.e. customer, trading partner, shareholder, employee, community and government sector as well as the society and country under the principles as the common guidelines consisting of 8 aspects as follows:

1) Fair business operation : Company is committed to be the good model and leader of the industrial waste disposal in Thailand, compliance with the law, giving respect to the social rules as well as any acts not as the infringement of derogation of rights of the interested individuals, providing the business ethics, management based on the good international and socially advantageous principles of supervision.

2) Anti-corruption : Company has the policies of anti-corruption of all forms directly and indirectly by providing the work review, financial and accounting report system, internal control system, internal audit system to ensure that the work is provided with the proper control system, which is enough for the risks of any possible corruption, as well as give cooperation and support for the public and private measures of anti-corruption.

3)  Giving respect to the human rights : Company realizes the importance of the humanitarian rights and provide all employees the rights, freedom and equality on working as well as the work progress under the provisions of the Constitution of Thailand regarding the rights and freedom of the public and labor law without discrimination that the employee has the different position, birth domicile, race, religion, sex, class or political opinions. The company complies with the humanitarian agreements, labor law of the associations and organizations in the national and international levels without employment of children aged below 18 years as well as without employment of unlawful foreign workers.

4) Fair labor treatment : Company gives wage in the proper level for Thai industry, provides welfares to its employees in the different forms suitably, observes the relevant labor law and regulations relating to the occupational hygiene and safety strictly, creates the safe working environments or the employees and visitors from any possible accident and danger.

5) Responsibility towards the customer : Company focuses on good service for the highest satisfaction of the customer, adheres to the fairness of the price and quality of service and honesty on negotiation and conclusion of the contract, sincere management of the customer’s complaint as well as any attempt to solve any possible deficiency from the activity or service in order to maintain the permanent relationship with the customer.

6) Environmental protection : Company business relates to the environmental protection. The company has the policies of quality, safety, occupational hygiene and environment obviously, which are considered as the strict practices, observes the reduction measures of environmental impacts being provided in the analysis report of environmental impacts and forwards the report to the supervision authority based on the provided period and provides trainings relating to the safety, occupational hygiene and environment within the organization to create the awareness of the employees and workers in order to realize and reduce the risks within the authority strictly.

7) Joint development of the community or society : Company supports the activities for society and community around the enterprise on development of the education, cultures and society and agrees to improve the life quality of the community as well as to encourage and support the employees to work as the volunteer and do the public interest activities together with the community.

8) Innovation : Company supports the researches of new innovations to enhance the potentiality of operation with the responsibilities towards the society, environment and the interested individuals. The company shall not infringe against the intellectual property or copyright of the others.