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Waste Water Treatment Process


Waste Water Treatment Process

General Environmental Conservation Public
The treatment process for waste water or liquid sludge from electroplating factory, dyeing factory and other industrial factories. The waste shall be treated by chemical-physic and biological processes until meet the standard of industrial waste water treatment. For sludge that left from the treatment will be sent to stabilization process and the depositing in the secured landfill later. Waste water treatment process classified into two types:

Wastewater treatment systems are divided into two types as follows.

1. Chemical treatment for electroplating. The treatment system shall use the physico-chemical treatment of waste water called “Precipitation” by using chemical to change heavy metal solvent to solid in waste water and separate solid content from liquid and the clear water shall be treated to meet the prescribed standard and then discharge to the public drainage while the sludge shall be examined its leachate value in order to examine the stabilization property and further disposed to the secured landfill system.

2. Chemical treatment for dyeing waste water. The process is capable to treat the dyeing waste water contained heavy color, smell, suspended solid and COD is called “ Coagulation” and “Flocculation”. By using chemical coagulation and the using flocculation method to enlarge the sludge for quicker sedimentation and the separate the suspended solid from waste water. The waste water shall be further treated by bio-system and further disposed to the secured landfill system.

Wastewater Treatment Process

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